The Inn under the Black Stork is beautifully located on the Narew river, with a spectacular view opening to the free water area, woods and marshes, pure ecological wonder, inhabited by many rare species of birds and animals, close to one of the most unique wildlife reserves in Europe.

OUR OFFER includes:
- 5 rooms, spacious, charming, and full of light, with fully equipped bathrooms;
- open access to the kitchen facilities to fix your own meals;
- large living room with a direct approach to the natural river shore;
- extra activities like horse riding, sleigh rides, evenings by the bonfire with story telling;
- trips to the nearby ecological honey making farm;
- sunbathing, strolling along the river, and boat rides;
- visits to the town center with its restaurants, cafes, shops, art galleries, and fascinating exhibits in the famous Jewish Synagogue, one of the most visited in Europe, and at the adjoining museum.

The Inn is run by a couple of teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Maciejewski, a historian and a philosopher, who have been also engaged in upkeeping historical traditions of Tykocin;